• Hi,I'm Joe!•

My infatuation with gardening and nature began as a child,growing up in Miami,佛罗里达州。

After a run-in with my parents' favorite shrub,I panicked and jammed the broken branch into the ground.

A few weeks later,it had taken root.

I was not only relieved;I was hooked on horticulture.

That defining moment was literally life changing!!

From there I couldn't get enough information about growing 澳门赔率和威廉希尔对比plants.I was a sponge for book knowledge and practical application.我才八岁!I propagated,澳门赔率和威廉希尔对比planted,and grew everything I could get my hands on.

When it came to 澳门赔率和威廉希尔对比plants,I didn't discriminate.I grew pole beans from seed along the side of our house,mango trees in the backyard,and even found room for a rose garden!!

I took cuttings,potted them up and sold them at church fundraisers,集市和跳蚤市场。There was no turning back.

When it came time for college,我被授予园艺学位。Fortunately,my very wise mother encouraged me to pursue a business degree as well.Mother knows best,这就是我所做的。

Upon graduation,there were a lot more employers looking for business majors
than horticulture grads,加上薪水比较高。

So my life in the business world,although successful monetarily,,
left me restless and yearning for a professional life

我的商业背景让我有了自己创业所需的技能,shedding the suit and tie,在从事园艺咨询和设计工作的同时,不停地使用我自己的家庭花园和景观作为我的生活实验室,热爱它的每一秒。

Then one day my world changed.

一位同事在DIY网络上看到了一个新节目的电视主持人的演员阵容。It was a show all about how to grow food,from seed to harvest—everything you could possibly grow in a backyard garden!!

他们在找我!他们只是还不知道。Fortunately,I did.在对东道主进行了长时间的全国性搜索之后,星星排成一线,and I was ultimately picked to be that person.

What was originally planned as a one-season,26-episode series,Fresh From the Garden was so successful right out of the ground (bad pun,I know),they extended the series to three-years and 52 episodes.唯一的原因就是我们没有食物来教人们如何成长。We had done it all.

From there,I immediately went on to host another show on PBS about gardening.我们参观了全国各地的公共花园。It was an amazing experience.Yet something was stirring inside to break away from that and create a new show—one unique and interesting enough to attract brand new gardeners and re-inspire existing gardeners to a world that was getting passed by in media and overlooked in our ever-busier lives.


Although I didn't realize it then,这正是我必须做的。

I was precisely where I was supposed to be when it all started decades earlier—a rambunctious boy and a broken branch.Who knew??

So after three years and nearly 100 episodes as host with an incredibly enviable job description,I left it behind and moved on to create and produceGrowing a Greener World®.

今天,8 seasons and 200 episodes later,,
that idea is now an Emmy Award-winning

Yet more importantly,we tell the stories of the people behind those gardens.
The heroes doing great things for the planet through organic gardening,,
green living,small farming,简单而重要的方法
to lighten their footprint on this planet.

这些园丁是真正改变游戏规则的人。“创造一个更加绿色的世界”… and they are showing the rest of us ways to come together at a critical moment in history to save our planet.Lucky for me,我要分享他们的故事。

这些天,I'm told I'm one of the country's most recognized and trusted personalities in gardening and green-living.我喜欢那样。

My experience and profession has allowed me the opportunity to be an on-air contributor to NBC's TODAY SHOW,美国广播公司早安美国和天气频道,出版我的书,澳门威廉希尔podcast series,nationally syndicated newspaper column,还有更多。

2011年,The American Horticultural Society honored me as the recipient of the Society's B.Y.Morrison Communication Award,它通过印刷品来识别有效和鼓舞人心的交流,收音机,电视,and online media.

近年来,I have been the recipient of the Garden Writers Association Gold Award for Best On-Air Talent and others.

Most recently Growing a Greener World received a 2018 Daytime Emmy Award,the 2018 Pioneer Taste Award,以及最佳品牌计划的品味奖,Breakout Storyteller of the Year and Best Green or Organic Program,Series or Film.

As Growing a Greener World continues to shine
the spotlight on more great people and places
doing good things for the planet,,
it's time to encourage a lot more gardening heroes
starting in our own backyards,露台或阳台。

As the founder and"Joe"behindJoegarder.com网站– we've created an ever-growing site dedicated to all things gardening and horticulture through the best how-to澳门williamhill中文网站 ,,澳门威廉希尔podcasts,and博客文章available.The best part,他们都在one place.

So no matter if you're a wanna-be gardener or one

园艺世界,you've come to the right place
and I'm just the guy to guide you on your journey.

Here,we'll continue to create the best and highest production value 澳门williamhill中文网站videos,澳门威廉希尔播客,articles,and blog posts related to what you want to know more about.We're a community here,在某种程度上,we're all"澳门williamhilljoe gardeners".

Fortunately,my work is my passion too.所以当我不谈论或写园艺和绿色生活的时候,这是一个安全的赌注,你可以发现我在我的有机花园里和周围做这些事情,和我的家人在我们的北亚特兰大,乔治亚农场。

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